2021 Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Camp Frequently Asked Questions

What does my child need to bring?
We ask that children bring an allergen free lunch, change of clothes, sunscreen, mask (optional per PHO for July 1) and reusable water bottle. We will notify you if bathing suits are required based on camper requests to integrate the splash park into their camp. 

That’s right. We just said campers decide if we go to the splash park. Part of building leadership, confidence, and consensus building in relationships, we co-create many of our camp activities with campers. We set the goals, the campers help develop some of the activities. For example, if our goal is to teach meditation and pratyahara (withdrawal of senses) the children may opt to practice this at the splash pad. Through artful discussion and team building, we encourage children to build a consensus together around the actual activities to meet our goals. 

What is the camp schedule? 
Our camps run Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (free pickup till 4 pm). As far as our itinerary goes,  every day is different! We design our camps based on the goals of the children enrolled and typically have a choice of 2-3 activities to create safety in autonomy, allowing children to refuse any activity they do not want to participate. 

What are some examples of activities? 
Every activity is designed with intention. We strive to bring awareness to our connection to the planet through nature based and eco-conscious activities (most materials are upcycled or reused) and spend as much time outdoors, taking lessons from nature and our surroundings. 

Our movement and mindfulness camps bring the joy of movement to each day, with an introduction to mindfulness activities, with reflection on how these activities may assist in self regulation. We provide children with leadership opportunities to build confidence including designing their own movement activities, creating their own mindfulness activities, or assisting with co-facilitation. Examples of activities may include: yoga, outdoor sports and games, meditation, art, sewing, and developing games using these activities as a foundation (we have had children design some epic obstacle courses in the past!) 

Our Resilient Kids camps are also focused around movement and mindfulness however have a few additional objectives for social and emotional learning including developing empathy, autonomy, social awareness, and relationship skills. Children will be challenged with activities to connect with the world outside of themselves to develop these tools. Examples of activities may include: gratitude jars, appreciation boxes, feelings boards, and games for building inclusive relationships and self awareness. 

Our Eco Play X RVN Nature and Mindfulness camps are nature based outdoor camps, allowing children to investigate the world around them at their own pace. Examples of activities may include: sensory and nature scavenger hunts, building an outdoor mandala, and of course, plenty of movement! 

Are your programs suitable for special needs children?  
Yes! Our very low camper:staff ratio allows children of all abilities to participate to their comfort. Because one of our fundamental core values is that no child is forced to do something that doesn’t feel safe for them, we create safety for children to decline We have a strict anti-bullying policy and strive to promote inclusivity in every activity. Some of our camps may be eligible for coverage under extended health benefits where counselling by a Registered Social Worker is a benefit, or under Autism funding. 

What are the qualifications of your staff?
All camp staff have education/experience working with children, in addition to a criminal record check. Our camps are designed by a Master’s level therapist/yoga instructor specializing in child & youth mental health, and our partnership with Eco Play, brings in a leader with training in therapeutic recreation. Not your typical camp counsellors! 

Do you have air conditioning? 
Yes! Although our camps primarily take place outdoors, if there is a heat warning, we will move the camps indoors to our air conditioned studio. 

Do you offer flexible schedule options?  
We sure do! Because our camps are uniquely designed based on campers registering and the goals indicated in their intake forms, we can assure you that we do not simply repeat content each week. We offer single day/half day/full week options, as well as some hourly options for our Eco Play partnership. You are invited to design a camp that suits your schedule. 

What is your cancellation policy? 
We do offer refunds for cancellations as we want to ensure individuals stay home if not feeling well. As our camps do typically sell out, we request that you provide us with as much notice as possible so your spot can be given to another child. 

Do you offer any discounts? 
Yes. Children enrolled in our regular programs receive 15% off. Those who register for multi weeks including with siblings, also receive 15% off. Email dawn@rvnwellness.com if you believe you are eligible for a discount. 

Do you offer financial assistance? 
Yes. We have a limited number of spots at a reduced rate ($20/day) for campers facing financial barriers.

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