Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Program

The economic burden of mental illness in Canada is estimated to be approximately $51 billion each year, with $6.3 billion resulting from lost productivity in workplaces (and this is a statistic from before the pandemic!) 

More than ever, it is essential for employers to develop mental health strategies for employee mental health. Not only does creating a psychologically safe workplace improve productivity and decrease absenteeism, it can improve employee retention and office morale. .

According to a Deloitte Insights study, companies who had corporate mental health programs yielded a positive ROI of $1.62, with this number increasing for programs established over 3 years. 

We can help. 

Corporate wellness offerings include: 

 – Corporate yoga and movement based classes for teams.

– Consultation on developing a mental health strategy for your workplace with a team of Masters level mental health professionals with training and experience in leadership and management. 

– Workshops including: 
                  – Mental Health Basics for teams. 
                  – Responding to employee mental health concerns with empathy.
                  – Good nights, better days: an interactive sleep workshop.
                  – Disconnecting from our devices: Finding balance with technology. 
                  – Mindful Productivity.
                  – Nutrition for Mental Health.

Email for information on our corporate wellness packages.

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