Meet our Yoga Instructors

Dawn Slykhuis, MSW, E-RYT500

Believing your passion is your purpose, Dawn became a yoga instructor in early 2019. With a background in social work and teaching, becoming a yoga instructor was a natural next step in working to support people in mental health. Dawn believes it is our vulnerability that connects us as humans, making her classes suitable for all levels, including anyone who has never done yoga before. Dawn’s classes are grounded in the principle of ahimsa (non violence) towards ourselves, and towards our outside world. Dawn completed a shamanic yoga teacher training, incorporating the lessons from plant medicines into her yoga teacher training and has since taken additional trainings including 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training, pre/post natal, children's, and SUP yoga teacher training. When not practicing yoga, as a world traveler, she is known to jump on a plane with little notice, or can be found practicing gratitude for where she lives while enjoying a vegan donut with her rescue dog near the mountains or the ocean

Hazel Hunter

Born and raised in Toronto, ON, yoga has been a part of my life since birth. Both of my parents were born in India, and I was raised on the teachings of the Vedas. Yoga, for me, has always been about healing, and this happens through deepening our experience of relaxation in the body and mind, and ultimately letting go of pain and thoughts that no longer serve us. Yoga has allowed me to dive deeper into my soul and to grow spiritually. My practice of yoga is one of self-discovery through moments of love. It is overcoming challenges, and negative thoughts, with strength and resilience. Through yoga I have discovered awareness and courage to love myself when it is difficult to do so, because that is when it is needed the most. The motive behind every class I teach is pain management. I found such deep healing in my practice: both emotional and physical, that I want to share this knowledge with others.
I completed my first 200 hour Hatha and Ashtanga training with Shiva Yoga Peeth in Rishikesh, India, and I did a second 200 hour yoga teacher training with Karma Teachers in Vancouver, BC. I recently completed my 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training with Karma Teachers where I learned Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mantra and Origin Stories, and Ayurveda for yoga teachers. The learning never ends! I will always be a student of the practice. Yogic and Vedic philosophy is very much integrated within Indian culture, and the more I learn, the deeper connected I feel to my ancestral roots. In my classes, I strive to be authentic and traditional to the teachings of the ancient tradition and practice. I love to combine mantra and storytelling, with body-intuitive sequencing, an engagement of playfulness and laughter, and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice both on and off the mat.

Virginia Paquete

“My desire to heal and teach comes from my heart, my intention is to lead you into yours”Yoga and Reiki Energy Healing have brought me many benefits physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is the ultimate self care for me. My desire is to share these benefits with others by guiding them in connecting with themselves through the breath, yoga and healing. Training and Certificates: Currently completing 200 HR Yoga Outreach Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training 200 RYT - in 2005 Usui Reiki Master Certificate - 2017 Pilates Mat Level 1 - 2003

Adesola Omojokun

Nourishing our mind, body and spirit is an essential component to living a fulfilling life in which we are able to show up as our authentic selves. I was introduced to yoga as a gift from my father one Christmas. As someone with an educational background in Medical Science and my experience as an athlete, I was only interested in the physical outcomes of the practice. However, I was gifted with something much more fulfilling and enduring. Yoga has strengthened not only my body, but also my mind and spirit, allowing me to experience modern life through fresh eyes and meet life's challenges with grace. These changes in my own life motivated me to complete my 240hr alignment-based hatha-vinyasa training at the Vancouver School of Healing Arts.
I offer challenging yet safe classes that incorporate meditation, pranayama, and yoga philosophy to give students a potent and transformative experience with the intention to deepen their connection to themselves and to others.

After many years in the corporate world, I took some time off to focus on my mental health and finding my true purpose. It was through my spiritual practice and journey towards self-love that I was led to the healing powers of Yoga. After a few years of consistent daily practice, it became clear to me that I needed to share this sacred, beautiful practice with the world. This is my Purpose. I took my 200HR with the South Okanagan Yoga Academy and I am currently enrolled in the Pain Care Awareness training. I believe that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, and yoga is the key to establishing that connection between our mind and body. As a certified Reiki practitioner, I believe in creating and maintaining a positive, healing energy for all who join my class. I am a true believer in yoga being for ALL BODIES and I am overjoyed when those who feel that their body “can’t do yoga” find their confidence and groove within my classes. Trained in the Sivananda lineage, my practice draws from all 8 limbs of yoga and all my classes include Pranayama and Meditation. My hope is to provide a safe, healing space that is inclusive to all and allows you to connect, grow, find community, and feel supported. When I’m not on the mat, you can find me with my nose in a book, hiking up a mountain, camping in the woods, talking to the Moon, playing with crystals, or snuggled up with my better half and fur baby. I look forward to practicing with you!

Afa Wright

Afa’s dedicated spiritual and meditation practice is what led her to the healing power of Yoga. She believes that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, and yoga is the key to establishing that connection between our mind and body. Classically trained in the Sivananda lineage, her practice draws from all eight limbs of yoga and all her classes include Pranayama,  Meditation, and a guided Sivasana. She continues to devote herself to the practice of Self-Study (Svadhyaya) and recently completed her 300HR teacher training. She is trained in Kids Yoga, pre/post natal,  and is a certified Yin Yoga Instructor. She is constantly humbled by the process of unlearning/learning while moving through this human experience. As a certified Reiki Practitioner, she strives to create and maintain a positive, healing energy for all who join her class. Afa is a true believer in yoga being for ALL BODIES and is overjoyed when those who feel their body “can’t do yoga” find their confidence and groove within her classes. Her hope is to provide a safe, healing space that is inclusive to all and allows you to connect, grow, find community, and feel supported.

Zoe Hertz

I grew up as a dedicated athlete and have been practicing Yoga since the age of fifteen. After experiencing my own self-transformation through the practice of yoga, I came to understand how it can change and heal one’s mind, body and soul, and I knew that this was a passion and practice I wanted to be able to share and experience with others, inevitably bringing me to my path of teaching.

I am dedicated to the practice of Yoga both on and off the mat and a strong believer in Yogic philosophy. I try to incorporate these philosophical practices into my everyday life as a humanitarian, while also incorporating these teachings into my classes. I teach a style of yoga that caters to all levels, body types, injuries and mindsets and believe Yoga is something that can be practiced by anyone. 

My classes are guided in a trauma-sensitive manner and welcome people from all walks of life. I remain a student to Yoga as much as a teacher and continue to further my knowledge of this sacred practice whenever possible. A variety of meditation,breathwork and movement are incorporated into all my classes and my favorite styles to teach are Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative.

When not on my mat you can find me filming a documentary, paddle-boarding, or in a coffee shop reading with an oat matcha latté. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to practice and teach on the unceded territory of the kwikwəƛ (Kwikwetlem), xwməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam),Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Selwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations and continue to remain dedicated to a path of increased reconciliation, both on and off my mat.

200-Hour Teacher Training – Sarah Daniels Yoga, Kelowna

Yin Yoga – 40 Hour – Karma Teachers, Vancouver

Hot Yoga – 30 Hour – YYoga

Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga – 40 Hour – Kitewest Yoga, Bali Indonesia

Alice Park

Yoga entered Alice’s life through her meditation practice when she learned that yoga embodies the mindful and intentional spirit of meditation into movements through the physical body. Throughout her adult life, yoga and meditation kept finding their way back to her during trying and challenging times to help her grow exponentially and deepen her sense of freedom, peace and sovereignty. Once she experienced the power of yoga and meditation to breathe and move through all the ebbs and flows of life with equanimity, and while witnessing the limitations of her professional work as a clinician of holistic nutrition and functional medicine alone, Alice knew she wanted to incorporate yoga and meditation into her service offerings. Alice teaches hatha yoga and meditation to hold space for people’s sadhana, their spiritual practice. She encourages a mindful and intentional practice as she combines alignment, intelligent adjustments and freedom of breath to guide through each pose, opening their sadhana to reach new heights. Furthermore, through her journey in motherhood, Alice’s interest in alternative education systems and early childhood development expanded into the knowledge field of yoga. She pursued trauma-sensitive children’s yoga teacher training (RCYT-115hr) and loves teaching families with babies, toddlers and young children about all the wonderful tools and wisdom from yoga.

Krissa Ludvigsen

Hi, I´m Krissa, 500hr certified Dharma Yoga teacher, global nomad, mother of two and creator of the Dharma Straps. When I first started practicing yoga at the age of 17, yoga to me was a physical practice. I soon learned to call these poses, “asanas”. After discovering Dharma Yoga at the age of 24, yoga to me became a spiritual practice, a way of life that I wholeheartedly subscribed to. I felt so grateful and positively changed by my time on that mat that I decided to teach as my way of giving back. For almost 10 years, I taught classes and workshops in London, Hong Kong and Norway. Yoga made sense to me because its teachings and philosophy resonated on a deep level. At the age of 35, I was called to do ceremony in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. It was through my experiences with shamanism, plant medicine and deep, soulful healing that I now find myself with a new framework for describing what yoga means to me. That word is: remembrance. - Krissa was born in San Francisco but grew up in Manila, Singapore and Hong Kong. Her biological parents are from the Philippines but her adoptive dad who raised her is Scottish. She did her Media & Communications degree in London and lived there for 7 years, the Caribbean for 6 months and back to Hong Kong where she met her husband who’s half Norwegian half American. They’ve been living in Norway for the last 7 years with their two little girls, Maya and Zoie. After a failed attempt to move to Vancouver back in March 2020, the Ludvigsen family finally managed to make their dreams come true, March 2023. On the weekends, you will find them exploring B.C, eating good food and somewhere near water and mountains. Krissa also loves running and jumping in cold water (a Norwegian tradition she can’t seem to shake!).

Silvana Kane

Silvana began her journey into yoga as part of her well being in her early 20s, along with a love of its philosophy. As a professional musician, painter and reflexologist, curiosity for exploration and growth continue to fuel her passions. Born in Lima, Peru, she was exposed to art and dance from a young age. Self- expression in the form of movement and music became her favourite language and it wasn’t long until she realized that Mother Nature is the best teacher. After many years of travel and living in various countries, she is happy to call the beautiful Pacific Northwest her home. A graduate of Kushala Yoga’s Teacher Training program, Silvana’s classes offer a unique space of kindness and fun, along with a spirit of freedom and movement in both body and mind. The time on the mat is creative and grounding, an opportunity for intuitive motion along with the healing power of great music.


Lisa-Rani is a certified yoga teacher and advocate for whole being health and wellness. Born of East Indian (Bengali) and Caucasian heritage, Lisa-Rani embodies both eastern and western yoga philosophies and practices. Yoga has been a consistent part of Lisa-Rani’s life since she was a little girl. I recall sitting with my father from the age of 5, doing daily morning breathing and yoga practices. Yoga has offered me a great deal of healing and transformation which I believe is available to everyone and EVERYBODY. It is my belief that yoga allows us to integrate our inner and outer selves thereby strengthening the mind body connection. Though this connection, we are empowered to take care of our whole being, which can enhance our emotional, mental, and physical health. This is what I see as the medicine of yoga; it can help us lead more easeful, balanced, and meaningful lives. It is an honour and delight to share my love of yoga with the community. I look forward to connecting with you on and off the mat!

Roshni Naik

Roshni Naik, a Zambian-born, Gujarati-Canadian Yoga & Metta/Mindfulness Meditation instructor, first practiced yoga in 2003. She quickly recognized it to be a powerful way to cultivate an inner balance between her “thinking” mind and her “sensing” body (which to this day, enables her to explore her more authentic Self which exists beyond the two). Exploring this LEARNING EDGE with humility, appreciation & an open mind became central to her personal philosophy. This dedicated mindfulness practice carried her through the many wonderful and challenging parts of her life. Two decades later, with the completion of her 230 hr Yoga Teacher Training through Jai Yoga Studio, Yin, Trauma-informed, Prenatal, Pranayama and Metta/Mindfulness Meditation Teaching Certification, she hopes to continue learning and growing her teaching practice. Among the many workshops she attends locally, she is currently diving deep into a 2-year Yoga Therapy Program at VSOHA (Vancouver School of Healing Arts). Fueled by an endless curiosity & passion for people and their uniquely individual well-being, Roshni gently guides clients through their own transformative journey towards balance, wellness and inner tranquility. Roshni's teaching style, rooted in mindfulness and breath-focus, uses a nurturing approach to create a harmonious sanctuary in which individuals can safely connect with their own bodies + minds. Her teaching empowers others to discover the healing potential of yoga, fostering growth and serenity in every session. Roshni warmly welcomes you to share this experience of learning and growing together with love & light.

Shelly Cassivi

Shelly is a skilled and multifaceted sound healer and yoga teacher with sixteen years of experience. Whether she is teaching Yin, Restorative ,Hatha or Flow Shelly approaches her class from the same place: a heart centred blend of mindfulness and breath awareness combined with the eight limbed path of yoga. The aim: to give you the tools needed to bring you into a deeper state of present moment awareness, thereby creating a sense of peace and wellbeing. Shelly’s healing path began in her early twenties when she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Instead of relying solely on pharmaceuticals she embarked on a healing journey employing holistic methods and has spent the majority of her adult life in remission and drug free. Yoga, meditation, energy work and sound healing have been a big part of this process. During her sound healing Shelly brings together melodies, instruments, her angelic voice, and energetic channeling into a cohesive and expansive sound bath. You will be transported to a beautiful and peaceful state of being. Regardless of the offering you will be in expert and caring hands.

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