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What Is Yoga Therapy? 

Yoga Therapy is an integrated mind-body therapy that blends Western Science with Eastern Philosophy, alchemizing modern psychology and anatomy, as well as ancient mindfulness and concepts. Both Integrated Systems Model of Assessment and Kosha Energetic Assessment are used to consider each person as a connected whole with individual experiences. The goal is to discover the root causes beneath your symptoms or issues, creating more lasting change and betterment for your life. 

In a 1:1 session we work together to find practices that work for you based on your current needs, goals, conditions, and assessments. We will explore and see what feels best for you, as offerings may include movement, still poses, breath, meditation, and mental practices. The intention is to find tangible tools that work for you, that you can use on your own to cope, find balance, initiate healing, and become more resilient. Your yoga therapy will be unique to you, and be realistic for what will fit in your life, creating a short routine or simple practices as a way to use your tools, yourself, both in and out of session. 

Conditions/Concerns That Can Benefit Include But Are Not Limited To: 

~mobility and stability issues 

~chronic pain and stress 

~anxiety, depression, mental health 

~poor coping mechanisms 

~feeling disconnected or stuck

Session Description 

~An initial session will start with a health history form, an intake and a few questions, with time for you to share and us to discuss. This is followed by physical and energetic assessments, exploratory practices, and concluded with any comments or questions. Afterwards a written or recorded version of your practices will be sent to you to use at home. 

~Subsequent sessions will continue with a check-in on previous sessions and any new concerns, we may reassess or revisit practices, and go deeper into and expand your practice with more time. You’ll always receive a copy of your practices so you don’t have to worry about remembering it all in the moment. 

About Your Yoga Therapist 

Kaitie is a Certified Yoga Therapist, with over 1500 hours of combined Yoga Training and 6+ years teaching yoga/movement. As a Yoga Therapist she has specialized training in ISM Physical Assessment/Adjustment, Functional Movement/Anatomy, Accessible Yoga for Conditions and Aging, Trauma-Informed Yoga, and Yoga for Mental Health. Her clinic experience lends her skills in Chronic Pain management, physical misalignment/mobility issues, recovery from injury and traumatic experience, coping with anxiety and stress in the body, support for depression and grief. 

Her own long term struggles with mental health, injury, and pain that didn’t benefit from conventional symptomatic treatment alone, led her to search for ways to bring healing into her own hands with natural allies. For her Yoga Therapy was the bridge that connected mind and body practices, laying the foundation with personal tools; allowing the journey of healing and coming back home to oneself to unfold. Her yoga therapy has been a map to help her manage, balance and keep connection, and is a continual process that is always changing. This is what she hopes to share with you, supporting, guiding, and empowering you along your journey. 

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